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Included in this pack:

Some online shops we have built:

Online Shop features and benefits...

Upload products with ease...

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Set your postage costs...
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Accept a range of payments...
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Generate automatic invoices...
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Set dispatch notifications...
secure ecommerce website

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Manage your stock levels...
selling online securely

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Website features and benefits...

Hosting Renewal Fees...

What are hosting fees?

Hosting fees are the costs to keep your website online. Think of it as renting space on the internet to store your website.

How do hosting renewals work?

Included in all our website packages are 12 months hosting fees, so there are no monthly charges to pay. Once your website has been online for 12 months we will contact you (in advance) so see if you wish to renew your hosting fees and keep your website online. This is a rolling service that we will do every year. Every time you renew your website will stay online for another 12 months.

How much does the annual hosting renewal cost?

Your hosting renewal fees cost £20 a month (paid annually)

What's included in this annual renewal cost?

- Hosting fees for the next 12 months
- Up to 30 minutes of website updates per month
- Email service renewal (if you have email)
- Ongoing support with your Google position and SEO
- Troubleshooting support
- Reports on your website traffic
- SSL certificate renewal

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